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Travis and Jason Kelce Spills All on New Heights Podcast – See Exclusive details on Travis internet-breaking Eras Tour Appearance and what’s coming next, “Another Appearance”?



Jason and Travis Kelce on New Heights


Travis Kelce is finally discussing his internet-breaking Eras Tour cameo.


Travis Kelce on New Heights

Less than two weeks after he appeared on stage during Taylor Swift’s third show at London’s Wembley Stadium, the Chiefs player will address the viral moment on his New Heights podcast.

‘We gotta talk about it,’ his co-host, brother Jason, said in a teaser for their season two finale episode, which was posted Tuesday.

‘Let’s do it,’ Travis responded.

Jason Kelce on New Heights

‘We talked a little bit about the London trip last week,’ Jason went on, referencing their most recent episode, which was recorded a few hours before Travis appeared on stage in a top hat and tailcoat while performing with two of her backup dancers

But on night three something magical happened and I think everybody that is following your life would like to hear your viewpoint on, and your commentary of, somehow you made your way onto the Eras stage.’

The three-time Super Bowl champ laughed before the clip cut off, promoting Wednesday’s episode of the show.

The former Eagles center said he finally ‘made it to the Eras Tour and watched Tay absolutely shred it,’ almost a year after she started dating his brother.

‘Dude, it was amazing,’ Jason began.

Travis Kelce had a “blast” performing alongside Taylor Swift at her Eras Tour concert in London.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end, 34, gushed about his surprise skit during Wednesday’s episode of his “New Heights” podcast, sarcastically saying that it was “very unlike” him to “be a ham.”

He gushed, “I was up there with three professionals. You can do no wrong with Taylor on stage. [I kept telling myself], ‘Do not drop the baby. Hold onto the baby.’”

Kelce explained to his brother and co-host, Jason Kelce, how the cameo came about, admitting he was the one to “initially mention it” to his girlfriend.

“I was like, ‘How fun would it be if I just rolled out on one of the bikes during the “1989” era?’” he recalled. “She started laughing and was like ‘Would you seriously be up for doing something like that?’

“I was like, ‘What? I would love to do that. Are you kidding me? I’ve seen the show enough. Might as well put me to work here,’” Travis continued. “She found the perfect part of the show to put me in. … It was, like, the safest option.”

Travis shocked concertgoers in June when he popped out onstage during a transition for the “Tortured Poets Department” set.

The athlete, who wore a custom suit and top hat, carried Swift across the stage bridal-style before setting her down on a red bed — while repeatedly telling himself not to “f–k this up.”

Travis then jokingly fanned himself as the other dancers helped the pop star change out of her white gown and into a two-piece set, telling Jason he modeled his moves after Jim Carey in “Dumb and Dumber.”

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