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‘Misstiano Penaldo’! John Terry labels BBC a ‘disgrace’ as they aim dig at Portugal legend after he misses extra-time penalty before having the final laugh by scoring in last-16 shootout win



Christiano Ronaldo on the field


The BBC has been labelled a ‘disgrace’ by ex-England captain John Terry after using a mocking caption to describe Cristiano Ronaldo’s missed penalty against Slovenia.


Christiano Ronaldo on the field

Ronaldo was handed the opportunity to score the winning goal during extra-time but was denied by goalkeeper Jan Oblak. Moments after the miss, the Portugal captain broke down in tears, prompting teammates to comfort him.

However, the BBC sparked fury among fans and pundits after it mockingly captioned a replay of the penalty miss ‘Misstiano Penaldo’.

Terry shared the caption to Instagram and slammed it as a ‘disgrace’, while viewers blasted the corporation for being ‘unprofessional’.

While the attempt at wit appears to be a new move for the BBC, fans were left unimpressed with what they branded the ‘TikTokzation of football punditry’.

MailOnline has contacted the BBC for comment.

Ronaldo – whose watching mother was also in tears after the miss – redeemed himself by scoring a penalty in the shootout, where Portuguese goalkeeper Diogo Costa made three saves to send his team to the quarter finals of the Euros.

The BBC’s mocking caption targeting Ronaldo’s performance was picked up by furious fans last night

One wrote on social media: ‘People preach about men’s mental health then laugh at Cristiano Ronaldo for showing emotion in a big moment under immense pressure then the BBC mock him as Misstiano Penaldo.

‘He deserves huge credit for stepping forward during the shootout and scoring.’

Another said: ‘BBC Sport this absolutely shameful. You ought to be ashamed of such unprofessional behaviour’.

While a third added: ‘Misstiano Penaldo! You can’t convice me that this isn’t Twitter account trolling – not the BBC.

‘The TikTokzation of football punditry is not something I ever wanted to see what happened to the game I love.’

Content creator and journalist Faysal wrote on ‘X’: ‘In my 17 years of journalism and reporting, I’ve never seen such pathetic piece of broadcasting. Where was this when Kane missed against France? Where was this when Messi missed against Chile?

‘The constant hate and narratives towards needs to stop, I expect an apology statement and compensation for the discrimination of character @BBCSport.’

Photographer Myles Whittingham wrote: ‘You should be embarrassed @BBCSport. Misstiano Penaldo on your replay title. Pathetic behaviour from you guys.’

The BBC’s caption comes as pundits are said to have been much harsher on players than in previous years.

Amongst those voicing their concerns was former England captains and Beeb pundits Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer.

The pair were left less than impressed with the Three Lions’ performance in their last match against Slovakia – which was saved by Jude Bellingham’s equalizer just seconds before defeat.

Speaking after the game, which saw the team enter the Euros quarter finals, Lineker said the team appeared like ‘lost souls’.

He told the Rest is Football podcast: ‘I look at them at the moment and I see a team that’s like lost souls. I don’t think they really know what they’re supposed to be doing, or what their jobs are, or how the team’s supposed to be playing.

‘I’m sure they have been told but it’s whether they’ve bought into it. They’re playing in a kind of format or style that is alien to most of them, because most of them play a high press, with dynamic, electric short passing football [for their clubs].

We’ve not seen any of that. So I actually feel for the players a little bit. You can see that they are trying their nuts off. They are running, chasing and doing all those things. There’s absolutely no lack of effort or commitment but they look a little bit lost.’

Current England captain Harry Kane responded by accusing Lineker of being deliberately sensational in a bid to promote his podcast.

Meanwhile, Southgate said of Lineker’s criticism: ‘I am oblivious to it. It is not important to me at all. What is important to me is I have to guide this set of players confidently through the terrain that is the tournament.’

Meanwhile Jude Bellingham hit back at the ‘rubbish’ directed at England after his man of the match display against Slovakia.

The Real Madrid star also posted a famous quote from former American president Theodore Roosevelt on Instagram after the game, appearing to take a swipe at England’s detractors.

It read: ‘It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood.’

No wonder the caption sparked upset from John Terry after he also missed a crucial penalty during his career as the eyes of the world watched him.

The former Chelsea skipper infamously slipping and hitting the post when he had the chance to win the Champions League against Ronaldo’s United in Moscow in 2008. As with Ronaldo last night, Terry was also left in tears at the miss.

There were mixed reactions to BBC Sport’s pun. One user called for the person who added the caption to receive a pay rise. They wrote: ‘Give this person a raise – and their own show.’

Furthermore, another user wrote: ‘Glorious ahahaha’.

‘No I was laughing so much when I seen that. Can’t believe they actually put it. I can promise you this was real for any doubters’, said another.

One user added: ‘To whoever at the BBC captioned the replay of the penalty as ‘Misstiano Penaldo’, I salute you for all time.’

Whoever at the BBC put Misstiano Penaldo as a graphic should be given a knighthood’, said another.

Responding to criticism, one user wrote: ‘It was clearly just some light humour. Chill!’

Portugal are now through to the last eight of the tournament, where they will take on France.

Ronaldo’s side scored all three of their penalties in the shootout, with Portugal goalkeeper Diogo Costa saving three Slovenia penalties.

Speaking about his tearful reaction after the match, Ronaldo said: ‘When I think about my family, I get emotional because they are unique moments, which I can’t express in words, they are people I like, fans who are always with us and especially with me and I am very happy about it.’

He added: ‘You can’t be afraid, I’ve never been afraid to face things head-on, sometimes I get it right, sometimes I don’t get it right, but giving up is something you’ll never hear from my name.’

Appearing at a record sixth European Championship, Ronaldo has yet to score at the tournament other than his effort in the shootout.

Portugal finished top of Group F as they beat Czechia and Turkey before losing to Georgia.

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