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Taylor Swift’s new BF Jerrod Carmichael reveals Taylor ‘knows more about football than I do’ from dating Travis Kelce, as he opens up on watching Chiefs VS Buffalo Bills alongside the singer



Jerrod Carmichael and Taylor Swift


American comedian Jerrod Carmichael has opened up on his hangout with Taylor Swift at a Chiefs-Bills playoff game back in January, as he revealed that the popstar ‘knows more about football than I do’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday.


Jerrod Carmichael and Taylor Swift

The 36-year-old, who’s also an actor, writer, and filmmaker, shared some insight into his friendship with Swift, 34, and his love and admiration for her, while recalling how she invited him to watch the AFC Divisional playoff game in Orchard Park, New York, exactly two months ago from today, on the late-night show.

‘That’s my best friend, Taylor’s my best friend,’ Carmichael said at first while smiling to a photo of the pair during the NFL postseason game this past winter, later adding: ‘Like I’m not her best friend but she’s my best friend.

Jerrod Carmichael

‘Can you think of a better friend to have than Taylor Swift? I called my former best friend, and I was like ”you’re out, Taylor’s in”. You never invited me on your jet to a game. She’s very smart and interesting.’

Intrigued by the way their friendship came about, Kimmel then asked: ‘She called you and said, ”Hey you want to come to the game with me?’ to which Carmichael replied: ‘Yeah, yeah and she knows more about football more than I do.’

Perhaps, it’s only normal that after a few months following her first date with her current boyfriend, Chiefs tight end and No. 87 Travis Kelce, Taylor knows more about the X’s and O’s of football more than the average NFL fan in Hollywood.

She even shared some of her knowledge about tactics on the gridiron to Carmichael, leading to the On the Count of Three actor to joke, ‘Yeah, I’m the girlfriend in that situation.

‘And please — I know cause this will be on YouTube I can already see it – the headline underneath is going to be like, ”Jerrod Carmichael says Taylor Swift’s his best friend,” the stand-up comedian continued.

‘Actually you know what, I won’t even get top billing, it will say, ”Taylor Swift, Jerrod Carmichael’s best friend.” Like don’t do that to me, it gotta be something else. I do love her though.’

Carmichael also revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that his soon-to-be-released docuseries, Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show, will be out on HBO on March 29.

‘I was inspired by the Kardashians and all the Housewives,’ he joked about the series, which Kimmel described as an ‘intensely personal documentary.’

‘But I wanted to make a show that was the show that happened after the cameras cut,’ Carmichael added in a slight dig to Keep Up with the Kardashians!

‘Like in between the scenes of what a normal reality show would be, like just me sad and fetal position, actually dealing with problems.’

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