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Jason Kelce vows to lose 35 pounds, make his own KNIFE and learn to do more housework than wife Kylie as he opens up on his plans for life away from football after retiring this week



Jason Kelce New Heights


After closing his 13-season NFL career, Jason Kelce plans to shed some weight and explore new hobbies as he lives away from the football field.


Jason Kelce announcing his retirement

On Monday, the former Eagles center held a press conference to announce his retirement from the sport. During the emotional speech, the 36-year-old gave his thanks and reminisced on his fond memories as a player.

On Wednesday’s episode of the New Heights podcast, Jason told his brother Travis about his post-retirement plans. He revealed that, with his duties as a center behind him, he plans to trim down and get in better shape.

‘I’m gonna slim down,’ Jason said. ‘My goal is 250 [lbs]. This last week, I got down to 285 cause I knew I was doing this. And then I had cake for three days in a row.’

Jason also shared his approach on his journey to his desired weight. He revealed that he does not plan on starting an extreme diet but is taking baby steps by tracking his calorie intake.

‘I don’t personally subscribe to doing extreme diets like going all the way vegan or all the way carnivore or keto,’ he continued. ‘My man Joe Thomas lost a bunch of weight [and] he’s all keto. And I’m like, ‘Dude more power to you,’ but f**k no, I’m not doing that. He looks fantastic, but it’s not worth, to me, doing that.

‘I downloaded MyFitnessPal and just started tracking calories. I feel like as long as I maintain my protein intake, so I keep my muscle and just kind of limit the calories, you’ll start to lose weight, that’s the plan.’

Aside from setting new fitness goals, Kelce also vowed to learn new skills and hold his weight in doing housework. He praised his wife, Kylie, for her wiring skills and expressed interest in making knives.

‘I’m looking forward to do something that’s not football,’ Jason shared. ‘I’ve been so committed to the sport for so long, it’s embarrassing when your wife knows how to do more housework. Her dad is an electrician, she can fish a wire.’

Travis went on to question Jason’s inability to fish a wire and claimed that he has done the task while fixing his speakers.

‘I’m talking about in walls – she could put in a new outlet if she wanted to,’ Jason said.

‘Shout out to Ky for being the handyman around the hose,’ Travis responded.

‘I like the TV show forged in fire,’ Jason continued. ‘I want to go to a blacksmith and make a knife, that’d be fun.

‘Count me in on that one, don’t do that without me. I’m gonna make a sword,’ Travis suggested.

‘A sword is a whole other undertaking, I don’t know we are good enough to make a sword,’ Jason closed.

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