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I know I am RETIRED but I don’t know you love me because I play in the NFL, Today is Father’s day and Nobody at all has wished me or showed me love in this group, but I know my genuine fans will show me some love… Jason Kelce celebrates Father’s day with only his family and beautiful shares photos.. while Kylie Kelce Reveals the One Thing She Never Makes Jason Kelce Do on Father’s D




Kylie Kelce is excited about summer fun with her family.


Jason Kelce

The wife of recently retired NFL star Jason Kelce is looking forward to quality time with her family, whether it’s at the beach or while they’re on the go.

Speaking with PEOPLE about her partnership with HP and the Eagles Autism Foundation on screen-free, creative options to keep kids busy this summer, the mom of three says things are still “very much in a chaotic schedule” for the family right now.

“We are just flying by the seat of our pants until football season starts and field hockey season starts,” she tells PEOPLE. “So I think our fall will provide some more structure, but right now, we’re just hoping to get as much time on the beach as possible, get our toes in the sand, and tucker out some kids.”

Kylie recently got in some beach time with daughters Bennett, 15 months, Elliotte, 3, and Wyatt, 4½, working on their Father’s Day project for Jason.

“I’m actually doing a project with the girls for Father’s Day so that we can give them gifts that they have made themselves,” she shares.

“Not to spoil anything, but there’s a lot of rocks at the beach, and our girls are fascinated with rocks. So we’re taking some paints down to the beach today and we will hopefully be decorating rocks for Dad that he can keep as tokens of their love.”

Kylie says Jason is “pretty easy” to please.

“Outside of that, we’ll do probably just a barbecue. I usually call him off of all dad duties that day. He will most definitely not be changing diapers or helping with potty time,” Kylie notes.

So, at the very least, he does get that. And he also usually gets to sleep in. I’ll remove the girls from the house in the morning. We’ll go and get some baked goods or some bagels — definitely, a large coffee — and we’ll bring that back as a treat. And this year, he will get his rocks, too, so it’ll be great.”

Family time is fun for the Kelce family, with the couple enjoying watching their little girls grow.

“Our youngest is now sprinting. She is speaking a significant amount of words, so she very much is voicing her opinion. She has a very funny, funny sense of humor without even trying,” the proud mom shares.

“And our two olders are just ready for anything. They’ve been getting into everything, but also super into any activities that we can do with them,” she continues.

“Just this past weekend, they went to Costco with my parents and that was a fascinating experience. Who knew a big-box store would really blow their minds?”

The family continues to reside in the Philadelphia area and continues their commitment to the Eagles, as well as the Eagles Autism Foundation (EAF).

“I think that we lucked out being involved in the Eagles. When I met Jason, he was already in love with the city and the team and everything that he had experienced there,” Kylie shares.

“So I think that it’s been made easier that Jeffrey Lurie, the owner of the Eagles, decided to step into autism as the charitable endeavor and really focus on leaving a lasting legacy on the autism and neurodiverse community.”

We are really fortunate that that is the space that we’ve been given with the Eagles and that we’ve been able to sort of hop along for the ride. And now we’re able to amplify with opportunities like HP has provided here with our Print Pals,” she continues. “It’s resources like this that make us excited to be able to use our platform and impact the neurodiverse community.”

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