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What Is Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Astrological Compatibility and when they will get Married? An Expert Weighs In



Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift at Coachella


“[They] possess a karmic entanglement that makes them feel familiar to one another,” celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas tells PEOPLE of Swift and Kelce.


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift at Coachella

Do the pop superstar and football star align?

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have found themselves at the center of dating rumors lately, from the Kansas City Chiefs player being spotted at the singer’s Eras Tour on July 8 to Swift being seen cheering for Kelce at his game on Sept. 24.

A day after making headlines with their rumored romance, an insider told PEOPLE that it’s still “super, super early days” of them getting to know each other but they are “having fun.”

Amid their rumored romance, PEOPLE recently spoke with celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas, who analyzed both Swift and Kelce’s natal charts to predict their overall compatibility. First and foremost, he says it’s important to note that the Super Bowl champ was born about two months prior to the Grammy winner.

Swift is a Sagittarius Sun with a Cancer Moon, while Kelce is a Libra Sun with a Sagittarius Moon. “This means that they will share many key astrological placements, particularly with the outer planets,” says Thomas — who’s known for his cosmic guidance for celebrities, business executives and prominent influencers.

“Factoring in romance and intimacy, intellectual rapport and communication, career and financial support, friendship, domestic union and true long-term synergy,” Thomas tells PEOPLE exclusively, he gives Swift and Kelce “a 9 out of 10” when it comes to “their overall compatibility.”

Here’s a deep dive into Swift and Kelce’s compatibility, based on Thomas’ readings.


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s compatibility based on planetary alignment

Thomas explains to PEOPLE the importance of birth dates, particularly pointing out the closeness between the days Swift and Kelce were born, Dec. 13, 1989, and Oct. 5, 1989, respectively. As a result, the pair share “many key astrological placements.”

Both Swift and Kelce possess Pluto in Scorpio, which Thomas says “brings them great passion and a desire for transformation.” He adds that they each possess a Capricorn stellium, which “aids them in breaking down and rebuilding core structures in their lives and in the world at large.”

They both have Jupiter in Cancer, which “is one of the luckiest positions for this planet to be,” according to Thomas, adding that it “grants them a ‘golden touch’ to whatever they do, especially when they lead with their hearts.”

Lastly, Thomas says both Swift and Kelce carry a North Node in Aquarius, meaning “they carry a great desire to break out of the box, connect to community, and pursue their aspirations, as well as work to the greater good.”

Furthermore, Thomas says they both carry South Nodes in Leo. This means that they are each “naturally drawn to all things that Leo rules,” citing “romance, passion, entertainment, the arts and sports” as examples.

Based on these placements, Thomas says the overall assessment reveals that both Swift and Kelce “possess a karmic entanglement that makes them feel familiar to one another.” He adds, “They can easily be seen as an ideal couple for their generation, somewhat of a King and a Queen of an era.”


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance and intimacy compatibility

When it comes to Swift and Kelce’s romantic compatibility, Thomas says that “this is a couple that has profound sparks!” In fact, he adds that they are “the perfect union of romance, chemistry and attraction as they share one of the rarest planetary dances.”

Thomas says that Swift’s Mars (“the planet of sex and desire”) is united with Kelce’s Venus (“the planet of affection and romance”) are “exactly in the same place,” indicating that “they perfectly complement” each other. “There is high romantic attraction and an ability to commit and compromise,” he adds.

In addition, Thomas says that there’s “tons of flirtation and charm between” their signs which can bring them “expansive joy” and a desire to “rush in.” However, he warns them to avoid “diving in too fast as this could leave their rapport like a whirlwind.”

Thomas says that Swift’s Sun is in “close enough conjunction” with Kelce’s Moon, revealing again that this is “one of the best aspects of synergy a couple can have” as it can create a connection of camaraderie filled with “warmth, pleasurable exchanges and strong affinity.”

Swift’s Neptune (“the planet of imagination”) also aligns with Kelce’s Sun, Mars and Jupiter, says Thomas, “bringing compassion, a dreamy quality to their exchanges.”

He notes again, though, that “the key is to not get too lost in a fog of fantasy and to truly focus on being open and sensitive.”


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s intellectual rapport and communication compatibility

Swift and Kelce’s signs have “so many alignments that favor active communication and a desire to learn from one another,” according to Thomas, who adds that the stars “can open up one another’s minds” with their Mercury, Jupiter and Mars interacting.

“This can be a lively and exhilarating connection, but there could be times when tempers will flare as they can both get fired up and will need to balance this,” he continues. “At their best, they can be particularly enriching to each other, but real freedom and honesty will be paramount.”

Swift’s Mercury (“the planet of communication and the mind”) is united with Kelce’s Saturn, which Thomas says brings them “stability and balance.” Also combined with Kelce’s Neptune, he adds that this brings them “encouragement and the ability to develop a telepathic rapport.”

However, Thomas notes that Kelce’s Uranus (“the planet of revolution and chaos”) in comparison to Swift’s Moon (“ruling her emotions and soul”) could put forth an “on again-off again quality to their rapport if they are not aware of these ebbs and flows.”

Fortunately, Thomas says that the couple “can still broaden one another’s perspectives a great deal.”


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s career and financial compatibility

When it comes to Swift and Kelce’s career and finances based on their signs, Thomas says “they instantly amplify one another significantly.” He points out that each of their Jupiters are opposite each other’s Saturns, signifying “excellent long-term growth, as well as the ability to forge further wealth and glory as a power couple.”

He continues, “Stability is something the two could actively work toward, ultimately aiding one another in world building.”


Kyle Thomas’ prediction for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

If you’re wondering why Swift and Kelce were drawn together at this point in time, Thomas points once again to astrology. He notes that Venus (“the planet of love and beauty”) has been spending a “great deal of time in the zodiac sign of Leo in the summer and autumn of 2023.”

In fact, Thomas says that Venus has been going back and forth over their South Nodes in Leo — which he says represents “karma, past lives and what one easily attracts in life from previous lives and experiences.”

In this regard, Thomas believes that Swift and Kelce “have a past-life connection.” However, he says “it was one that they may not have initially realized from their first interactions or moments of meetings.”

As Thomas shared his predictions with PEOPLE on Sept. 26, he noted that Venus was at 20 degrees of Leo which was directly between both of their South Nodes. “With Venus waking their connection up,” he says “[Swift] has drawn them together now.”

Thomas also mentions that another “mighty eclipse” is soon to arrive on Oct. 14. The upcoming solar eclipse falls amid “eclipse season,” when “destined beginnings, turning points, new relationships and karmic entanglements” all take place.

“Whether they are to stay together for a long time or not — and I do think they have a lot working in their favor — this was meant to happen and will be a destined pivot point in both of their lives,” Thomas concludes.

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