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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship is all for “PR”! – Watch Viral Video SPARKING Wild Conspiracy theories that shows Travis showing PDA after realizing he was being filmed



Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift at Super Bowl after Party


The question that’s on everyone’s lips when an A-list relationship hits the newsstands is almost always: is it love or is it PR?


Travis and Taylor Kiss

A now-viral video of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce celebrating the Kansas City Chief’s Super Bowl win is under scrutiny after some claimed it showed the NFL tight end instructing the hitmaker to start hamming up their PDA for the camera.

While many fans are adamant the couple are the real deal, many have accused the high-profile couple of faking it.

The TikTok clip, which has more than 12 million views, showed the pair in a Las Vegas nightclub after the Chiefs won the 2024 Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers.


In the 14-second clip, Travis can be seen bopping around and singing in the nightclub, surrounded by people, but appears to take notice when some start filming.

As the NFL player bops away in the nightclub, the written on the text overlay reads: ‘You can’t convince me that this is [real].’

The text overlay changes to what the video’s creator believes Travis is saying.

‘Travis: Oh s**t it’s time to film,’ the video purports as the tight end smoothly puts on his sunglasses and turns to say something in his girlfriend’s ear.

‘Travis whispers: get ready they’re filming,’ the overlaid text claims he says, as the couple move closer together.

The video then cuts to a still image of the couple together from a different angle, which reads: ‘Mission passed: Respect +.’

Fans of the famous couple went wild when they serenaded each other and kissed while her song Love Story played at the victory party inside Wynn Las Vegas’s XS Nightclub.


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In the caption for the clip, TikTok creator swiftieblues, who clarified they didn’t make the video but just reposted it, asked users to ‘watch it again without reading the subtitles,’ and post their opinion on the matter.

Reactions were mixed, with some people convinced Taylor and Travis’s romance is a PR relationship.

‘Yes it’s all PR. However most of the relationships we see start as PR, even with actors but they can grow to love each other. Depends,’ one user wrote.

‘100000% this is a PR relationship,’ another declared.

‘He didn’t know what country she was in when a reporter asked, it’s got to be PR!’ someone else agreed.

‘It’s giving katniss and peeta from the [Hunger Games] lmao,’ a fourth user laughed.

Others staunchly believe it is a true relationship and the power couple are very much in love.

‘Taylor Swift is absolutely NOT doing a relationship for PR,’ one user argued.

According to relationship experts, Taylor’s drastic change from being ultra private in her relationship with Joe Alwyn to flaunting her passionate romance with Travis may be a sign that she and the athlete are the real deal.

Taylor was spotted cheering Travis on at many of his football games, hanging out with his family, wearing his merch, running onto the field to kiss him following his team’s wins, uttering the L-word to him on camera, and most recently, sharing a video with him on her TikTok account.

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