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Simone Biles reveals she ‘BLACKED OUT’ at a pool party on her wedding weekend celebrating her marriage to NFL star Jonathan Owens – ‘I couldn’t handle it from him…’



Simone Biles in Wedding Dress


It’s been one year since Olympic gymnast Simone Biles celebrated her marriage to NFL star Jonathan Owens with a ceremony in Cabo San Lucas – and the gold medal winner posted the best she could remember from the occasion.


Simone Biles drinking

Biles posted photos of the big day on her Instagram Story from the ceremony where the couple tied the knot for a second time after previously eloping at a Houston courthouse a week prior.

Among the many photos that Biles shared included a snap of her and her mother, Nellie Biles, as they celebrated during a pool party.

Simone wrote, ‘Momma Biles is probably telling me I need to eat before I black out. Which would have been good advice about 3 hours before this… bc I did indeed black out and miss the rest of the pool party.’

Simone Biles in Wedding dress

The rest of the gallery of images showed Biles with her friends and family – as well as her husband – before one final picture showed someone pouring alcohol into her mouth with the caption ‘and then I blacked out’.

The couple first met in 2020 through a dating app and Owens didn’t know who Biles was – something that the gymnast liked.

Biles admitted that she slid into his DMs because she found the player cute. Plus, they were both conveniently in the Houston area so they hung out in person a few weeks after exchanging texts.

Due to the pandemic, Biles’s Summer Olympics and Owens’s NFL training were put on hold, but it gave the couple more quality time to get to know each other.

They got engaged back in February of 2022 and officially tied the knot at that courthouse in April of 2023.

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