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MASSIVE UPROAR as Kansas City Chiefs fans need AMPUTATIONS from frostbite after sitting through negative 27 wind chill to cheer Travis Kelce team in January 13 playoff game vs Miami Dolphins



Chiefs Fans need amputation


Kansas City Chiefs fans who attended one of the coldest NFL games in history in January now might need amputations from frostbite.


Travis Kelce at Chiefs VS Dolphins game

The Chiefs beat the Miami Dolphins 26-9 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City on January 13 in negative four temperatures, but with a wind chill of negative 27.

The game has gone down as the coldest in Arrowhead history and the fourth-coldest in NFL history. And it has emerged that nearly two months later, some devoted fans are still paying a heavy price for their support.

Fox4KC has reported that 70% of people who sustained frostbite throughout Kansas City during that cold spell are now being advised to schedule amputations and that ‘the vast majority’ of that number were at the Chiefs game.

FOX4KC also shared a picture of a fan who had frostbitten fingers after taking a glove off for 30 minutes to try and put a tent together, presumably for tailgating – many Chiefs fans still lined up to take their places on the morning of the game despite the extreme conditions

‘The patients who had their frostbite injuries along with the Chiefs game, they are just getting to the point now we are starting to discuss their amputations that might be necessary,’ Dr Megan Garcia, of Grossman Burn Center in Missouri, was quoted as saying.

Chiefs Fans

‘People think of burns, they think of fire, they think of hot thermal injuries. But burns can happen from many different causes.’

And fans who have not needed to go to such extensive measures still needed significant treatment, including ‘weeks’ in an oxygen tank to recover.

Garcia added: ‘It’s still a lifelong process. They’ll have sensitivity and pain for the rest of their lives and always will be more susceptible to frostbite in the future.’

Travis Kelce, who played for the Chiefs on the night, said he was stunned by the conditions that the teams played in.

‘It was shocking how cold it was,’ he said on his New Heights podcast the following week.

‘That was probably the first game I ever caught myself, even during a drive, if I got taken out for a play, like running over to the heaters to warm up my hands and my feet trying to get feeling back. It was that freaking cold.

‘It was almost like it was so cold the wind just never touched you. It just slid right past your icy face. It was nuts, man.’

Kelce’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift, still made the game but cheered him on from the warmth of a luxury suite.

She was pictured at one point reaching out through a window and high-fiving the hardcore Chiefs fans nearby.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid, meanwhile, went viral after his moustache appeared to freeze while he was stood on the sidelines.

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