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Lauryn Goodman’s sister Chloe reveals why she BANNED her from her wedding amid a bitter feud which has left them refusing to speak to each other



Lauryn Goodman's sister Chloe breaks silence on wedding snub


Chloe Goodman has spoken out about her decision to uninvite her sister Lauryn Goodman to her wedding.


Lauryn Goodman's sister Chloe breaks silence on wedding snub

The former glamour model, 31, married her partner Grant Hall, 32, in a ceremony earlier this month. Her older sister Lauryn, 33, and her two children however weren’t present at the nuptials in Portugal, amid rumours of a “falling out”.

The special occasion came just months after it was revealed that footballer Kyle Walker, 34, had fathered a second child with Lauryn. Kyle is said to have fathered his first child, Kairo, now four, with Lauryn whilst temporarily separated from his partner Annie Kilner, 32, in 2019. They later reconciled and reportedly got married in 2021. Last year, Lauryn welcomed her second child, whose name has not been disclosed, with Kyle.

Just weeks after tying the knot, Chloe has now suggested that the decision to uninvite Lauryn stemmed from her sister’s apparent decision to go public with the paternity news months prior to the wedding. News that Kyle had fathered a second child with Lauryn made headlines in January. It’s been suggested that the bride wanted to avoid it overshadowing her big day.

Chloe told the Daily Mail: “The least Lauryn could have done is kept it quiet that Kyle was the dad of her second-born until after the wedding.” She claimed that the siblings had a conversation about it and that there was an “agreement” that it would “stay quiet” until after she had exchanged vows with Grant, with whom Chloe has two children.

The former Celebrity Big Brother housemate said that “things were so messy” when it was disclosed that her nephew Kairo had been fathered by Kyle and that she “feared” it would be the same again following the subsequent news. Chloe shared: “So I said: ‘Look I get married in June and I just don’t want a whole frenzy at my wedding’.”

She commented that she had wanted it to “stay a secret” and to be able to enjoy her day with Grant. Chloe went on to state that she had been planning “the final stages” of the wedding when Lauryn’s “mess was coming out”.

Chloe said that she had a “big decision” to make, adding: “I simply didn’t want the drama, which meant Lauryn couldn’t be there.” She expressed her love for Lauryn but told the outlet that her sibling can be a “difficult” person.

She gave an example as Lauryn not allowing people to take photos of her children without permission, with Chloe saying that although she has “respect” for the decision, she couldn’t “promise” that they wouldn’t be in the background of photos at the wedding. Chloe said that she “wasn’t confident” that Lauryn “wouldn’t cause issues” whilst at the nuptials abroad and that she “didn’t want the intrusion,” especially around the kids.

The reality TV star said that she “didn’t want to worry” about her sister Lauryn’s “behaviour,” claiming that she can be “unpredictable” and questioning whether the guest would have ignored the bride at some point. Chloe said that she “wasn’t confident” that Lauryn wouldn’t “cause drama” and so she “had to be selfish”.

Chloe shared that Lauryn and their younger sister Amelia Goodman, 25, had been involved in the wedding planning though. She said that Lauryn was going to be a bridesmaid, Kairo a page boy and Lauryn’s daughter a flower girl.

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