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‘Just leave them alone and GET A LIFE!’ – Who else is fed up with Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift?!?! 😤 – Thousands of Critics Rants online with Different OPINIONS…



Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift at Coachella making out


Taylor Swift has emerged as one of the biggest talking points in the NFL of late amid her whirlwind romance with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, and the pop superstar was in Las Vegas when her man’s Kansas City grapples with the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII and won the Super Bowl.


Clearer photos of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at the Mahomies Foundation Gala last night

The Swift frenzy also reach its peak when she took her seat at Allegiant Stadium and also during her ERAS Tour that Travis Kelce came to Visit and also their time together during Taylor Swift’s 2 Months break.

Taylor has been headline news whenever she’s flocked to Arrowhead or taken the road to watch Travis in action, and for some fans the obsession is driving them away from the sport.

‘I think I’m less interested now with her in it,’ said one girl in Times Square. ‘It’s kind of annoying.

‘But if they’re in love they’re in love, right!’

Others went as far to echo the sentiments of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell earlier this week, suggesting that Swift emerging as an influential figure can only be a positive thing for the sport.

‘It helps,’ insisted a Kansas City-supporting Vegas resident. ‘More eyes on the game of football is always best.’

While one San Francisco native said over in NYC: ‘I think it’s great for the sport, but Taylor’s gonna have to be ok being in second place Sunday! Taylor is America’s darling, everyone loves Taylor, so it’s more about: “Sorry, you’re not gonna win!”‘

Another man admitted: ‘They’ll show her in the audience a thousand times or whatever, but who cares? She’s pretty.’

For one woman in New York, however, the Swift hysteria has become tiresome to the point she is rooting for the Niners on Sunday.

‘I feel like I’m kind of over the Chiefs,’ she said. ‘It should be about football, not Taylor.’

Here are the Comments:







Also Matthew Stafford’s wife has had enough of Taylor Swift as she slams The Tortured Poets Department star and her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, who plays in the NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kelly Stafford married the Super Bowl champion with the Los Angeles Rams in April 2015, and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind as one of the premiere WAGS in the sport as she feels the romance between Kelce and his pop-star girlfriend threatens to overshadow Stafford’s comeback story.

It comes after Swift’s new album was released at effectively the same moment as a video showing the emotional decision when Stafford decided to return to the NFL for 2024 as his career in the sport comes to a close, but Kelly Stafford has been left fuming.

“I don’t know if I want to see another four months of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce coverage,” Stafford said on her Morning After podcast, whilst in February she also said she didn’t want to see Swift “everywhere.”

It’s not a shock that people are annoyed by the extent of coverage of the pair, who began dating in August 2023, but it’s similarly not a shock that there is so much of it as the popular couple continue to sell stories.

But there appears to be a misconception that it’s all about Swift and this is simply not the case. In fact, the Eras Tour star is on the television screens for less than a minute most of the times and that minute is scattered throughout an NFL contest she happens to be attending.

Stafford and his last hurrah in the NFL
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Stafford’s career peaked in 2022 when he won the Super Bowl with the LA Rams as he inspired the Californian team to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 at Super Bowl LVI at the SoFi Stadium in their home venue.

Stafford delivered a stellar performance, showcasing his experience and poise under pressure. Despite facing a formidable Cincinnati Bengals defense,

Stafford managed the game effectively, making key passes and leading crucial drives to secure a victory for the Rams. His connection with star wide receiver Cooper Kupp was particularly notable, as they combined for several crucial plays, including the game-winning touchdown drive and now he wants to do that again.

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