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Fans CONFUSED after Travis Kelce REVEALS he Has A Master Plan To Go Places With Or Without Taylor Swift



Travis Kelce at Las Vegas Party


Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce are both living a powerful dream, but the world is only now discovering that there is a big possibility that the NFL star is the one who manifested it and worked diligently for years to make sure that it became a reality.


Travis Kelce at Party without Taylor Swift

The world knows Taylor Swift’s epic life story, her rise to fame, Kanye West‘s attempts to clip her wings, her complex love stories, and her deep connections with her fans.

The pop singer’s life is almost an open book; she has been able to write about her joy and pain in her songs.

This week, a deeply-sourced piece was published in The New York Times revealing how Kelce with the help of twin brothers André and Aaron Eanes of A&A Management, strategically placed himself on the path to mega success.

The management team is composed of two managers, four football agents, “a creative strategist, a community outreach coordinator, a Los Angeles-based publicist, a personal chef, and a trainer.”

Aaron Eanes said: “People say to me, ‘Man, it’s been a crazy year. When I say, ‘Actually, it’s not that crazy,’ people look at me funny. It’s because it’s easy when you have a plan. We’re executing that plan.”

André Eanes added: “We positioned Travis to be world-famous. We didn’t know how it would happen when it would happen, or what would help push that further along. But it’s always been the thought in the back of our minds.”
Kelce’s management is determined to make him as famous as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

To achieve that goal, André and Aaron Eanes have landed him mega deals with Pfizer, Experian, and DirecTV, which landed him on the cover of the WSJ Magazine and got him a Saturday Night Live hosting gig.

Of course, Travis Kelce’s winning the Super Bowl with the Chiefs launched him to stardom and put him in Taylor Swift’s vicinity.

Richard Lovett, C.A.A.’s co-chairman, explained: “The awareness of Travis is much larger and with an even broader audience. It’s accelerated that which was probably inevitable in terms of his level of awareness and appeal.”

Since becoming Mr. Swift, Travis Kelce’s name and face have been everywhere and all the time. Kelce’s team believes that the overexposure might be a problem.

The media outlet revealed that there is a plan in place to make sure that does not happen.

It said: “Is there too much of Mr. Kelce on television and in the news, and could fans grow numb to the sight of him? The plan for next year revolves around one word: curation. Fewer deals. Quality over quantity. Authenticity first.”

The Eanes brothers are working to make Kelce a movie star and are looking at film scripts and game shows.

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