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Experts weigh in on ‘BIGGEST THREATS’ to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s long-distance romance – from their busy schedules to lack of privacy and Travis Kelce unexpected behaviors



Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift and Experts


Celebrity relationship experts shared their insights on the challenges that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce may face in their high-profile romance.


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Dr. Phil and Millionaire Matchmaker star Patti Stanger weighed-in on the ‘biggest risk factors’ coming into play for the superstar couple during a teaser clip for the upcoming TMZ Investigates: Taylor & Travis: Ultimate Love Story released on Sunday.

The duo asserts that hectic schedules and a long-distance relationship may pose issues, given that Taylor, a world-touring pop star, primarily resides in NYC and Los Angeles, while NFL player Travis works and lives in Kansas City.

‘The biggest risk factor I see is that if they both have schedules that are so full that they fight to spend quality time together,’ Dr. Phil explained in the video.

Patti chimed in, saying ‘long distances are hard.’

‘They don’t go to CVS to do the errands, but remember what he said, he said “Iikes that she’s like that,”‘ she continued.

‘The other ones might have felt competitive and inferior.’

Millionaire Matchmaker star Patti Stanger                   Dr. Phil

The ‘other ones’ Patti was referring to were the long list of A-listers the singer has dated in the past.

The roster includes Joe Jonas, Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, Taylor Lautner and Calvin Harris

Her brief involvement with English actor Tom Hiddleston followed her separation from Harris, eventually leading to a six-year partnership with Joe Alwyn in 2017.

Privacy is another challenge for the super famous couple, as NBA owner and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban suggested in the TMZ Investigates: Taylor & Travis: Ultimate Love Story teaser.

‘There is no such thing as privacy anymore for them. It does not exist,’ he maintained.

‘Having security and having people around you is such a scene wherever you go. So the first thing you have to understand is that they have zero privacy.’

The clip release follows the report that the 34-year-old pop singer has to make sure the relationship stays on a positive track following Travis’ recent ‘missteps’

‘Taylor has an enormous reservoir of goodwill, and indeed, adoration, that can well withstand behavioral and reputational missteps by her boyfriend,’ said brand strategist and messaging advisor, Adam Hanft, appearing to reference Travis’ meltdown at the Super Bowl and his decision to party after a mass shooting at the Kansas City parade.

‘What will matter is the extent to which he stays on the straight and narrow – and doesn’t embarrass himself or her – and related to that, how she deals with it should be become a persistent problem,’ he added.

Travis’ antics not only have the potential to tarnish the Reputation singer’s $1.1 billion net worth but could also adversely affect his own brand – and even that of the NFL.

‘If Travis is plagued by impulse control issues, and demonstrates a psychological resistance to take a back-seat to her celebrity – which is programmatic given that football heroes are typically in contention for the Nobel Prize for Testosterone – and she ends up dumping him, his personal brand will be battered,’ Hanft maintained.

‘Should the relationship end up that way, the brand of the NFL will also be bloodied, as it will reinforce the perception of football players pumped up on all the wrong things,’ he added.

The warning comes amid Travis taking waves of criticism for nearly coming to blows with his coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl.

A few days later, Travis’ spectacularly insensitive decision to party hard after a mass shooting at his Super Bowl parade drew even more anger from the public.

Mere hours after 22 fans were shot — nine children among them, a young mother dead — Travis hit up ‘Granfalloon Restaurant and Bar’ and took selfies with cops while carrying an open beer bottle on the street, having earlier taken to the parade stage looking far too drunk to speak.

Outraged fans on social media used the terms ‘Caveman’ and ‘douchebag’ to describe the situation.

In the aftermath, Kelce matched Taylor’s $100,000 donation to victims of the shooting.

Despite Travis’ public displays of repentance, Taylor, as brand expert Hanft claimed, needs to be careful about her future with the athlete to protect her brand, which Bloomberg puts at $1.1 billion, thanks in part to her massive 146-date worldwide Eras Tour and its subsequent tour movie.

It comes after Forbes estimated Swift had a net worth upwards of $740 million in July.

When her romance with Travis first broke last year, the football player said that he knew he had to be on his best behavior.

‘That was the biggest thing to me,’ he told WSJ. ‘Make sure I don’t say anything that would push Taylor away.’

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